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Why Choose Us?

As a professional service provider company, we always guarantee the benefits and advantages that our clients can get. These factors help us to deliver our excellent solutions by making our clients satisfied. We understand the struggle of experiencing locks and key problems at rush hours which is why we comfort our clients with our affordable and reliable services.

From our years of experience, Hillsdale Locksmith Corp built a strong foundation as a locksmith company in New Jersey. Our goal is to provide outstanding and efficient locksmith assistance to the community. The top priority of our company is to extend professional help to people with determination and enthusiasm.

No matter what kind of locksmith services you need may it be for a car, business, or house, we assure you fast and effective locksmith solutions at your location. Save our number or call us in times of emergencies anytime or anywhere you are.

Who Are We?

Hillsdale Locksmith Corp is your professional locksmith partner in New Jersey. We offer a wide range of professional auto, commercial, and residential locksmith services. Our locksmiths are all trained with the top-notch equipment in the world of a locksmith.

Avail of our cheap and expert services as we are always available 24/7 to serve you. You don’t have to worry anymore as we got your back any time you need help. Call us and our mobile locksmiths will rush to your place.


Our Services

Residential Locksmith

Do you live somewhere in New Jersey and you are looking for a reliable professional to help you with your locks and keys problems?  Hillsdale Locksmith Corp is here to serve you now. We offer complete residential locksmith services at a great price that will definitely fit your budget!

House keys and locks’ quality deteriorates eventually in time. If this happens, there are possibilities they can be easily damaged or malfunctioned. You may experience lockouts and broken keys in the most unexpected situations in which, you may need help from expert locksmiths. 

With us, we can improve your home security system and solve your locks and keys problems.

Commercial Locksmith

Owning a commercial property requires deep attention especially in the area of security. We all know that these places are always the target for robbery and theft. In order to avoid illegal intrusions from happening, you should ensure the strength of your security measures. 

If you need professional help in improving the security system of your business establishments, Hillsdale Locksmith Corp will assist you with any kind of commercial locksmith services you are seeking. Either you want to rekey, replace broken keys, install well-built security equipment, our experts are here to provide you with the help you need. We assure all of the solutions we offer are of high quality that will fit your budget.

Call us and we will immediately come to your location and serve you our services. 

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Emergency Locksmith

Emergencies can occur anytime. The worst case is if it will happen during hours where everyone is already sleeping and you can’t contact any service provider. Keys and locks’ quality may decline if used for a long time so you need immediate services to help you in these situations. 

 We, at Hillsdale Locksmith Corp, made our services available 24/7 to ensure that we can completely serve our clients in New Jersey. Since our lines are always open, our clients can call us any time of the day and avail our professional locksmith services. We understand the feeling of experiencing emergencies without someone who can help you which is why we guarantee our availability to be open all the time. Call us now!

Auto Locksmith

Car lockouts, broken keys, and other locks and keys difficulties you can experience in your vehicle can cause a huge hassle in your daily tasks and routine. Imagine rushing to your job and your key got stuck in the ignition when you are about to remove it. It will result in you being late with your schedule and worst, may damage your car’s ignition. 

At Hillsdale Locksmith Corp, the problems with car locks and keys are considered solved. With our fast response anywhere you are in New Jersey, you can immediately go back on track with your job at the fastest time possible. We trained our locksmiths and enhanced our services to help our clients quickly and efficiently.

15-Minute Response Time


Emergency locksmith services are a huge help to the people. These can extend assistance to those who are in need in the hours where no one can help them. In this part of locksmith services, the clients may be satisfied but also, it won’t fully benefit those who are in rush.

As we go along with our observations while building our company, we have seen a lot of drawbacks in the service of locksmiths. They may offer you professional assistance but also charges you an expensive price. They can provide you emergency services but, the response is slow. 

If you encounter locks and keys issues with your car, house, and business, we are your locksmith partner who can immediately respond at your place. We guarantee a 15-minute response after you call our lines as our locksmiths are prepared and equipped to help all of our clients who are in need. Experiencing home and car lockouts? We got your back. How about broken keys and security system improvements? We are here to serve you. 

At Hillsdale Locksmith Corp, our locksmith services are provided to our clients in a fast way. The emergencies of our clients are important to us which is why we made our services to be delivered quickly. In this way, we can help our clients back on track with what they do and their routine.

Call For Immediate Response(201) 793-8057

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Hillsdale Locksmith Corp offers a wide range of professional locksmith services all around New Jersey. If you are somewhere in our location and seeking excellent and efficient locksmith services, just contact us and we have a prepared mobile locksmith to respond at your place. If you need more information about our company and services, you can call or visit our site. We will handle your locks and keys problems immediately at an affordable price.

About us

We always aim for the best possible customer service and experience, reasonable costs for our products andservices, give FREE estimates and FREE professional advice when you book our service.

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